I-You-Us: Pleasure, Intimacy and the Search for Connectedness 

 Week of April 10-15, 2016

This workshop is about healthy relationships—in love, in friendship, in daily life. The focus is on how to nurture our own vitality in situations where we long for connections that are more real, more safe, or more rewarding. Pleasure is essential for healthy relationships. Add the erotic element and the potential for pleasure grows exponentially. But whether in love or friendship, in same- or opposite-gender relationships, the reality of sustaining delight in one another is often a mystery and a struggle. We substitute old avoidance patterns for intimacy as we play out the Good Girl and Super Guy roles we developed during traumatic childhoods and adolescences. Or we repeatedly act out of fear, sadness, or rage, keeping our relationships locked in the "cultural missionary position." Giving up carefully honed pain-avoidant habits releases new energies for the pursuit of personal fulfillment in relationships.

This workshop is designed to help you identify myths that block the flow of joy. Terry Hunt writes, "Together we will redefine the role of pleasure in our lives and create updated images of our sexual and sensual selves. We will explore new language that more honestly communicates our desires. We will encourage each other to approach our gender gaps with intention rather than fear, assertion rather than suspicion. We will follow our instincts for pleasure into moments of wholeness."

Come alone or with an intimate.


Emotional Healing: New Pathways to Aliveness

August 14-19, 2016

Do you feel stuck? Do you repeat unhealthy patterns in relationships? Live with anxiety or depression?
Or come up against obstacles in addiction recovery or spiritual practice? Are you interested in expanding your
capacity for pleasure and joy?  

Sometimes you need to go deeper into old wounds and give them thoughtful attention in order to transform
them, to unravel old coping mechanisms that worked in the past but are getting in the way now.  

Psychologists Terry Hunt and Psychoanalyst Maggie Zellner create a safe space in this highly experiential, 
intensive retreat for you to explore new pathways to aliveness.

Through lecture, individual and partner work, and holotropic breath work exercises, you learn to increase your
connection with yourself and others. You are supported to take risks and reacquaint yourself with pleasure and 
play so you can return home with greater vitality and presence. 

Anyone looking for emotional healing is welcome. This workshop is particularly useful for those who suffer 
from chronic low self-esteem or codependency, find it difficult to be assertive, are in recovery, or live with the 
long-term effects of trauma and family dysfunction of all kinds.